car 13.08.08, library, “the archive of i-deals’

we are proposing two ideas for work out of this last year.
one is car 13.08.08 – from an image in a swedish newspaper.
alain said he would never work with the symbol of the oak again until this number ‘0AK 939’ plate jumped out of the image. now we are looking for a lada in london which we will decorate tenderly with such a pattern, the car set against the photo backdrop of this contemporary and familiar tragedy. 


car 13.08.08 - proposal

car 13.08.08 - proposal




next is ‘library’ – a space that could change shape and location and collect books, objects and stuff that you want to leave and take away. from this we will also create the ‘archive of i-deals’, all a co-production with those who would like to – in various modes and platforms.

library - proposal

library - proposal


we will meet with our friend Dimitri Launder who runs Area 10 in Peckham this saturday to discuss how we may proceed with this phase of the proposals.
Dimitri introduced us to the Emergency Room
and check the Area 10 link


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