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2 favorite books that go well together

deep time, road cuts – ‘enfolded’ (with thanks to David Bohm)

deep time, the burgess shale – ‘enfolded’ (with thanks to David Bohm)


no room for the Arts …?


Johannes Hahn, former Austrian science minister and Austrian EU Commissioner is now the new EU – DG for Regional Policy leading DG Research (RTD); Joint Research Centre (JRC); European Research Council (ERC). How well will the arts flourish in relation to the science and technology priorities as the EU furthers its aims for innovation and measurable economic value to lead research in the Universities?

Androulla Vassiliou has been the EU Commissioner for Health. She is now in charge of Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth and as such one would presume she holds responsibilities for the Arts under the banner of Culture. With a background in Law and a strong political family (her husband being a former President of Cypress) where will the arts find its health in this seemingly overcrowded space?

tsunami we suppose..?


Any student engaged in paying for their education is going to have huge debts or wealthy parents or parents who have struggled hard to provide the opportunity. As the process is impacted upon by the fallout of the failure of the globisation project it is the global student population who will hopefully have the intelligence and purpose to force the initiatives to change more so than any other social group.

international wave

german wave

london wave

london wave