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the queen & mcqueen

a contemporary artwork for our times –



Year of the Tiger

the astonishment of cultural ignorance > via guardian website


And so, to an expressed global mission..

a call for new visions, new efforts


The EU year of biodiversity – 2010 – are there any art/science co-productions?

“Biodiversity embraces the variety of genes, species and ecosystems that constitute life on Earth. We are currently witnessing a steady loss of biodiversity, with profound consequences for the natural world and for human wellbeing. The main causes are changes in natural habitats. These are due to intensive agricultural production systems, construction, quarrying, overexploitation of forests, oceans, rivers, lakes and soils, alien species invasions, pollution and — increasingly — global climate change.”


Is anything created with extinction of species in the year of biodiversity?

via Monbiot>Guardian


Creativity in the Face of Climate Change


this is a fantastic programme and links poetically and thematically to the work of Tim Morton – of whom we will be learning more about imminently

Patti tells it like it is

She reads

It was the summer of the crystal ship, Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey, riots across America, Elvira Madigan, the summer of love and meeting Robert Mapplethorpe.

We just saw the documentary about Pia Degemark, the actress in Elvira Madigan and she had a tough life with many personal problems all revealed. The Elvira Madigan story lives on – as a romantic story of love and as a tragedy, of love lost. Janice, Jimi, Jim and Robert also live on in their own ways.