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the announcement

Cecilia will be the Dean at KHiB Dept of Fine Art from August, so we will move to Bergen for then. We are very happy to be doing this. KHiB is forward-thinking, has a great reputation built by staff and students over a number of years and we are pleased for our nomadic journey to continue.


and one for the road

this almost worked for Alain – will use it somewhere down the line

icelandic-volcanic [sleeping and dreaming]


Check into the exchange, links and information via this Fbook site – we did – its a nice archive too. Sites like roadshare and couch surfing and a host of other news views and life on the [rail]road.

Alain was expecting to pass through Alicante to London on Thurs 15th, arrived from Joya by bus on the 14th and after a night in a hostel went to the airport to find himself part of the process. There was no accurate news, information or services. Thousands of queueing customers in all states of unpreparedness created a subdued chaos.

On Saturday after failed escape attempts and updated media misinformation Alain decided to head out to Gothenburg by land, leaving London plans by the wayside. Wednesday was the first available train ticket. Five days in Alicante may have unwittingly shifted Alains world view and what was to follow in a rail journey via Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen to Gothenburg.

Many others were doing the same kind of thing and conversations on culture, environment and human activities connected to mind and destiny were also in the air. He says it was more like a series of marvelous events with people and a contemporary snapshot of the western axis of Europe. The UK election knocked off course and Brits hopelessly lost outside of their usually safe tourist corridors, a work began at the Joya residency – sleeping and dreaming – has become developed as a result of the serendipity of earth activity. Cecilia had left a week sooner [for the announcement] and arrived home to run the internet hub, ticket booking and tea&sympathy.

Skype is our angel, love is the code.

Joya residency + Icelandic volcanic ash cloud + an announcement

A lot happened in the last four weeks and we will attempt to
cover this in the next week – it felt right to stay in the space of what was going on without the compulsion to blog it immediately – lets see how it reshapes here