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the centre cannot hold


a long while since posting. much travel, thinking and working – more changes coming up for us which we will soon make new reporting on – but while we look into the world from some new skies from the equator – this message still rings clear and reads for us all


Brian Eno’s “Ambient 1: Music For Airports” at Wikipedia –

Alain, lying in bed this morning listening to this – I saw images of a strange and beautiful choreography to 2/2 9:38 – a space with a simple set – and about 20 or 30 dancers that moved a bit like a wave – seen from under the water and as if it was above a reef – then I realised it was me choreographing the dance – this evening I can still see it. I said to Cecilia, do you think Eno would give us permission to work with the music for our videoworks – sleeping and dreaming – she thought he might…


from the blogs

pretty interesting link, reportage style


Joya residency – Flickr

There are new images on the Flickr site showing – studio works– and a site work – place with no name. There are nine hours of video to look at and edit including the four videoworks – sleeping and dreaming – which we will complete over summer. We hope to upload a short overview edit of the four works soon. A series of drawings were also made and we are looking into producing a limited edition publication to include these, some images and text. You can enter the Flickr site on the blog home page – just scroll down a bit.

Tibet – Kyegundo earthquake [sleeping and dreaming]

Earthquake in Tibet, Initial Reactions from Tibetan Netizens
Posted by High Peaks Pure Earth in Global Contributors, SFT Global on 04 14th, 2010 | one response
It has been reported both by Chinese state media and Western media that a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck in Tibet early this morning, April 14, 2010. Whilst Chinese media refers to the affected area as the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu (玉树) in Qinghai province, Western media has been calling it Western or North Western China inhabited by “ethnic Tibetans” or part of the “Tibetan plateau”. In fact, the area known in Tibetan as Kyegundo (སྐྱེ་རྒུ་མདོ། skye rgu mdo) is considered by Tibetans to traditionally be part of Kham, eastern Tibet. Although spelt Kyegundo, when spoken it sounds more like Jyekundo. This Google map shows the position of Kyegundo in relation both to Lhasa and also to the provincial capitals of Qinghai and Gansu, Xining and Lanzhou, to the north east. Here is the link to the map on the website of Tibetan and Himalayan Library, an excellent resource site.

Whilst media reports on the technical details of the natural disaster and the ongoing aid efforts, High Peaks Pure Earth has been looking at the online responses by Tibetans as expressed on blogs and social networking sites. Just hours after the earthquake, Tibetan netizens were expressing their grief and anxiety. These Tibetans wrote the following status updates on a Chinese language social networking site for Tibetans and seem to be mostly Tibetan students based in Chinese urban centres:

volcanic [sleeping and dreaming]

copyright Snaevarr Gudmundsson

After it taking Alain nine days to return from southern Spain to Sweden the effects of the ash cloud began the need for reflecting more specifically how the 4 video works – sleeping and dreaming – could begin to describe and include the echoes of what was happening in the farther-afield, outer patterns than those from the near and close phenomena that began the four videoworks

Gulf oil spill [sleeping and dreaming]

the spill continues the trail of events from and towards the 4 videoworks – sleeping and dreaming – (being edited) the quality of the images in these news reported events seem to produce beauty as a contemporary ‘horror’, appearing to be both real and imaginary, in the world and from the mind