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Chabrol – after seeing the Arte ‘recut’

Chabrol recut

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… now to have a home Chabrol season, to be reminded, to be held in the sway of the camera and actor and to be mesmerised for good reason

A high point of Toronto in May


when the artist says so


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Hari Kunzru writes a clear and well directed experience of the event – being there in May myself, it was hard to see through the thousands of myriad Marina’s all present above at MOMA and somehow less present than the one sitting below, with all its inherent courtly manifestations. Kunzru strikes the right chords in the celebration and critique of such a piece of contemporary social theatre and the institutional flows across the cultural mayhem of the streets.
Reading DeLillo’s, Cosmopolis at the time, could we have substituted Ambramovic for Eric Packer the multi billionaire in the novel who’s daily life is a purely performative role as he lives and perceives the things happening to him in an advanced virtual screen world seconds before the real kicks in? Was it all about the sound of the numbers as money enfolded the actions into creating his being and was it all about numbers when the decisions mutated into some uneven symmetry with destiny?

Louise Bourgeois – will inspire me forever

“My memories are moth-eaten”, she wrote recently, in a crabby hand, next to a beautiful, abstract drawing.

Her drawings alone would keep me going – reminding me of the labour it takes to sustain art in the world. Thank you for your spirit and determination to stay with your demons and angels LOUISE X