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Ong Keng Sen – The Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize

A warm congratulations to our friend and colleague Ong Keng Sen, Theatre Director, (Artistic Director of TheatreWorks) Singapore / Contemporary Performance, for this major award. Scroll to the bottom of the link to read about his artistic work over recent years.



WikiLeaks – you know it makes sense

Following on from Clay Shirky’s Ted Talks ideas on ‘institutions v collaboration’, WikiLeaks appears as a good example of the collaborative model. Critical estimations are being made around the real value of what is being leaked and whether this is a just new style of press agency (Reuters, Fox, BBC, Guardian etc). Others are backing the areas of risk and truth that WikiLeaks are getting into and with a political determination to precisely inform the widest community. This appears to come along with a mission to affect conventional power base tactics of lying, withholding and misinforming, including nation states, corporations, state media, politicians, individuals and so on in a convention of abusing institutional authority and prioritising self-interest.
The very idea of secrecy and the motivations of power (crazed?) actors and companies at work on the planet, made available through WikiLeaks is enough to fuel comfortable paranoia into a perpetual ‘fear and loathing’. But it remains a fascinating story about this emergent collaborative, about how much we don’t know and if we were ever to find out something compellingly dangerous and important to have in the public domain (the common) – to ask ourselves, what shall we do about it? It could create a break with the convention of much behavioural values of accepting uncomfortable truths because our job is at stake or not to question because we don’t want to rock the boat or to become complicit through feigning ignorance.

In the spirit of ‘serendipity and co-production’ if anyone out their would like to blow the whistle or send something equivalent in the creativity/arts domains from your own experience, autobiographically or factually with documentation, then you can post it here, as a response to this post. We will then make an artwork of some kind utilising the comments.

time for some Smithson

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Robert Smithson is one of our continuous artists, who we stay in co-production with – the two links here give some major inspiration as we prepare our move to Bergen to live and work.


If you’re ever in Osterlen in southern Sweden – then visit this place – its beautifully run, made with love and care.

Ed Ruscha


We saw this exhibition last week in Stockholm – the link has a really great interview where the artist speaks about his work and it’s one of the best we have encountered in recent years – lucid, direct enough to keep you in the flow and thoughtful in its simplicity. A welcome experience when compared to the rather over inflated contextualisations and jargon foisted onto so many contemporary artists, anxious about educational research and methodological responsibilities.
more Ed


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It’s hard to believe that a national U.K. newspaper should have to set up such a page – fed by the readers – about the coalition government cuts in arts and culture. Let’s hope the newspaper does a little better in some serious reporting on what is really happening and do a better job than when supporting Nick Clegg’s political machinations at the election. In the previous Tory reign there was a curious thematic mainstream support of the ‘Arts’ through ministers like Heseltine and Palumbo – old style cultural libertarians, but will this time around see them so liberal-minded?
Cutswatch is a negative strategy for a leading daily publication which should be vigorously championing, not just dealing in user content. The news for many engaged in daily artistic practices will be elsewhere.
The actual cuts are very evenly spread with low percentage reductions across the A-Z listings of organisations – this does not look sustainable, so it should get interesting when the real story emerges. Anyone getting the financial support won’t be complaining publicly about anything……just yet!

muslim blue

from south west of Shanghai to the British Museum – from Iran to China, from China to Europe and from Europe to the rest of the world. porcelain + cobalt blue, dragons, gifts to a living god

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