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If music be



The Aesthetics of Music and Sound

After listening to Haydn Dickenson play Part and Claus Garn on Resonance FM some enquiry leads to a new world of sound. Then again Part is special to me because I discovered him when I needed him and the town of Tallinn where he was from I eventually got to visit, but that’s another story.


Granta – Pakistan

How a group of writers and artists can change the way we think about places, history and a mainstream media viewpoint. More to be eased out of this publication for study in days to come, an image from the artist Imran Qureshi  for example, a line from a poem by Daniyal Mueenuddin or a paragraph from The Trials of Faisal Shahzad. A cultural shock and awe, that resonates with our own sensations of what we always thought, more powerful and sustainable than any violent suppression.

Barthes – The Preparation of the Novel

The idea of eight elliptical plans for an unwritten novel is an inspiration and a journey that needs to be taken.

Egypt is cradling change

Much more work to do, with the USA, a state army and fundamentalists like jackals around the process of democracy and peace.

The changes that are coming reflect the problems of the economies being problematic and at the mercy of a US foreign policy…say one thing-do another. The average ages of the poulations are in the mid twenties with all high 20+ % unemployment rate and improving literacy, along with the connectivities of the internet…. the network generation is not a westernised concept you ¬†have a mobile and intelligent citizen who no longer can believe in the imposition of a power grabbing form of governance.