Ask Nature

via ballardian and the guardian



Asking Nature something  presumes that there is such a thing as Nature, but here we have a site with a purpose  for Nature. Nature is reconfigured into a  resource of interaction, ideas and facsimiles for application into the human world. Such depth mining will be continually fascinating but the solutions may be eternally superficial as well. The goal appears to be financial masquerading as humanistic. We shall see, in due course, as ever. As for being a new kind of search engine with ethical intent, who knows, when the web and life is already everything and everywhere. Biochemical solutions could mean biochemical problems with the eye always on the end product and not the processes of production, extinction and trail damage en route. Timothy Morton’s writing on – ecomimesis – and the concept of – ecology without nature – may be a good antidote for this kind of techno-spiritual mimesis. Ask Nature looks smooth but is it asset mining with an ecological twist? Can studying schools of fish really make a smart car, if the smart car has to be built with something and run on something else. The idea of total synthesis where we get exactly what we desire with no nightmare is  probably not just around the next bend in the river or the glass clad lab. If a super life saving drug turns up that cures all, or a free, limitless energy supply reveals itself then we are home free, aren’t we? Then what?


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