Wake Island, the dream out of time continues


First of all its Ballard – My Dream of Flying to Wake Island – then after the 9.0 earthquake off Sendai in Japan the reports of a Tsunami warning for Wake Island and through a search into information about the island a link through the website Ballardian, to the Swedish film maker Solveig Nordlund and her film.


“In 2002 the Ballardian feature-film universe expanded substantially with the release of Aparelho Voador a Baixa Altitude, Solveig Nordlund’s artfully rendered riff on JG Ballard’s 1976 short story, ‘Low-Flying Aircraft’. Seen mainly at film festivals, this Portuguese-Swedish co-production was a welcome addition to the Ballard filmography.”


In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Japan, the legacy of  a nuclear radiation, the Pacific WWII  battles, the history of the island and our current awareness of wind carried radiation (since Chernobyl) that would cross the pacific towards the USA trips out our imagination in a way that Ballard would see.

Traveling to Wake Island now would be perfect timing, close to an edge of past present and future, a place out of time. A place of the ‘mythology of the future’.


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