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no room for the Arts …?


Johannes Hahn, former Austrian science minister and Austrian EU Commissioner is now the new EU – DG for Regional Policy leading DG Research (RTD); Joint Research Centre (JRC); European Research Council (ERC). How well will the arts flourish in relation to the science and technology priorities as the EU furthers its aims for innovation and measurable economic value to lead research in the Universities?

Androulla Vassiliou has been the EU Commissioner for Health. She is now in charge of Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth and as such one would presume she holds responsibilities for the Arts under the banner of Culture. With a background in Law and a strong political family (her husband being a former President of Cypress) where will the arts find its health in this seemingly overcrowded space?


three weeks togetherapart

Cecilia is in Gothenberg and Alain is in London. Cecilia has meetings today and Alain is going to locate one or two car bodies for the work ‘car 13.08.08’.
We will work on our communications through Skype mostly, recording ourselves in different ways and seeing what we come up with. It is intensely busy for us both with so much to do and so little time etc.
When we are together we take regular walks to be together and to talk. With this flow of movement, breath, sights and sounds we reconfigure ourselves into the present, discovering what is important and recalling stories and experiences of the day, of the past, of ourselves, generously.
This period apart provides us with an opportunity to consider what is home or home sickness, where home is or is not and how do we manage to be with one another in a way that Jean Luc Nancy refers to ‘being with’ as recognising closeness and distance. The body, touch and passion is temporarily at distance but being together becomes reshaped and requires a space of togetherness beyond an occasional text, email or phone call. The spirit and the heart, the body transform. A rapid process of adaptation intersects with the daily patterns of home.
The documentation of this experience is a recent understanding for us and as we begin, technically, a bit clunky. We are probably concentrating more on being in the space of exchange right now as well as with the need to create an organisation around this with growing video files, reviewing content and making edits.
Real time could be ideal and emerge but we’re not confident about that yet as 60-90 minutes of us may be only interesting to us. So. we will discuss and review what our main wishes for this are. We are thinking about how to mix different platforms as installation and to explore what is gathered and sifted through this into our co-productions / artworks.


This is how it began in the summer in Sweden. A moleskin notebook and an eye on the future of our own creativity. Months later after a lot of thinking about it all – we have kept asking ourselves – could we use these spaces to elaborate on ideas, communicate and collaborate with others.

Currently based in London we want to open some new spaces listed here to work with arts and ideas that may well need to adapt and change.

Al’s Cafe – where to meet
ObjectProject – with those who know what it is
Archaeology of Love – how it is
Plus+One – where creativity connects

“Caught with our fingers in the ‘jam-jar’, drinking coffee from a flask in the car with lovely raspberry and blueberry muffins, smearing the paper we’re writing on we decided to start an archaeology of love. The soundtrack of today is the sound of the rain and wind.” August 08