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on doing nothing

we have been taking a part break – part new working environment between London and Gothenburg and this lovely blog has been silent – we have been reflective and productive and in a great transition – the site is absolutely dear to us and therefore we will nurture it – it is now stated as serendipity and co-production – making it a little more about our intention


Nazim Hikmet

After an introduction to Hikmet through Berger’s ‘Hold Everything Dear’ a pleasant return through a BBC Radio 3 programme – Words and Music – Harold Pinter on Feb 22.

“If i was a word
I’d call out for the beautiful the just the true
If I was a word
I would softly tell my love”

shades of Taliesin and the story tellers, from Ranciere to Munoz and Rilke

mysteryhomeaacg09part2 – making sense

mysteryhomeaacg09part1 – making sense

we love you


Hold Everything Dear

An important poetic book to be read now and again

dispatches on survival and resistance

dispatches on survival and resistance

incident, breakfast, walk

thursday – the purse incident


friday – a walk in east dulwich park

saturday – breakfast with Dimitri

do you own this purse?

do you own this purse?



a&c butter / breakfast with Dimitri

breakfast with Dimitri

we are working out exactly when to do the project and think it will be April – June this year so if you are interested let us know.
could be used too if you would prefer to email.