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No uploads for a long time as if the meaning and purpose of the blog has to change or has been changing even through a silence. The reflections about this new phase is linked to our daily practices. CG in her new role as a Dean in Bergen along with the developing Gestalt study and AA with an invigorated art practice coming with a new studio overlooking the Bergen harbor. More on this through our other pages here, but meanwhile how will the main page focus on growth?


Joya residency + Icelandic volcanic ash cloud + an announcement

A lot happened in the last four weeks and we will attempt to
cover this in the next week – it felt right to stay in the space of what was going on without the compulsion to blog it immediately – lets see how it reshapes here

winter sustenance


Recording:1 12/09

Recording: 1 12/09

Recording:1 12/09

david crawford – a friend and colleague

sadness and rememberance

agnes varda

agnes varda – les plages d\'agnes

this was showing and we were very pleased to see it – helping to re-charge our creative juices and to paddle in colour, play, memory and the love of what moves us