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tnci contd. – into the music 4


… and not only but also


tnci contd. – into the music 3

the pure joy

tnci contd. – into the music 2


with study/ writing on the film music on Tati, Kubrick, Lynch, Tarkovski

tnci contd. – into the music 1

the purpose of these few music / sound links is to explore and consider how we listen to what we are listening to inside ourselves and what may become shared or understood – not to produce the anxiety of multiple feeds – more an enrichment of simultaneity that sound/music brings and how the project tnci can consider sound as a viable shaping ingredient

Nazim Hikmet

After an introduction to Hikmet through Berger’s ‘Hold Everything Dear’ a pleasant return through a BBC Radio 3 programme – Words and Music – Harold Pinter on Feb 22.

“If i was a word
I’d call out for the beautiful the just the true
If I was a word
I would softly tell my love”

shades of Taliesin and the story tellers, from Ranciere to Munoz and Rilke