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Patti tells it like it is

She reads

It was the summer of the crystal ship, Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey, riots across America, Elvira Madigan, the summer of love and meeting Robert Mapplethorpe.

We just saw the documentary about Pia Degemark, the actress in Elvira Madigan and she had a tough life with many personal problems all revealed. The Elvira Madigan story lives on – as a romantic story of love and as a tragedy, of love lost. Janice, Jimi, Jim and Robert also live on in their own ways.



tnci contd. – into the music 4


… and not only but also

tnci contd. – into the music 3

the pure joy

tnci contd. – into the music 2


with study/ writing on the film music on Tati, Kubrick, Lynch, Tarkovski

tnci contd. – into the music 1

the purpose of these few music / sound links is to explore and consider how we listen to what we are listening to inside ourselves and what may become shared or understood – not to produce the anxiety of multiple feeds – more an enrichment of simultaneity that sound/music brings and how the project tnci can consider sound as a viable shaping ingredient

Nazim Hikmet

After an introduction to Hikmet through Berger’s ‘Hold Everything Dear’ a pleasant return through a BBC Radio 3 programme – Words and Music – Harold Pinter on Feb 22.

“If i was a word
I’d call out for the beautiful the just the true
If I was a word
I would softly tell my love”

shades of Taliesin and the story tellers, from Ranciere to Munoz and Rilke