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the centre cannot hold


a long while since posting, much travel, thinking and working


Joya residency + Icelandic volcanic ash cloud + an announcement

A lot happened in the last four weeks – lets see how it reshapes here

DeLillo interview, BBC R4 politics+art = profound ideas


winter sustenance


we go to Stockholm mid november

more commons

from nef

new information for us to work on

more co-production

Ostrom was also one of the originators of one of nef’s key concepts: co-production, a means of engaging people and communities to develop solutions to problems that would otherwise be tackled in a top-down manner. Ostrom first developed the concept in the 1970s, when she was asked to explain to the Chicago police why the crime rate went up when the police came off the beat and into patrol cars. She used co-production as a way of explaining why the police need the community as much as the community need the police.